Disk Launcher
Disk Launcher
Item Data
Position in List 22
Tech Age Base
Added by Blueprint no
Cost 1
Sale Value 20
Profit 19
Item #1 Disk
The Disk Launcher is a weapon from the base age. Made by placing Disk in a One Input Machine.

Trivia: Edit

  • It is currently the cheapest weapon which yields the least profit (While still having a positive profit, because the Reddit Moderators, ICBM, and Carrot Top's Excercise Videos cost more than they give, thus yielding a negative profit.)
  • The Disk Launcher will always be the first weapon you will create.
  • The Disk Launcher only needs to be produced 3 times per level.


As the Disk Launcher only needs to be produced three times, this is a suitable factory:


Sand should be placed on the conveyor belt.